TwoWheelCool’s Dash: The gadget for urban jungle dwellers

TwoWheelCool’s Dash: The gadget for urban jungle dwellers


Test: Sat navs have made the lives of many drivers much easier. Thinking back, it is astonishing to realise how difficult it used to be to carry around a massive pile of road maps and fight ones way through the endless pages to eventually arrive at the desired destination. Nowadays, technological advances have turned mobile phones into street directories. So it was only a matter of time before cyclists started to use navigation apps to find their way through the concrete jungle.


That this can quickly become stressful is something everyone, who has tried to navigate Berlin’s snarl-up using the phone in his pocket, will agree with. TwoWheelCool has developed a solution. Dash is their newest gadget aiming to help cyclists negotiate the confusing city jumble. The idea is easy: Attach your mobile phone to the holder on your handlebar, type in the wanted destination and start riding without having to stop at every traffic light to check the route on the phone in your pocket.

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The holder is made from durable, hard-wearing silicon and comes with a solid plastic frame to protect the phone.  Although it admittedly won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, the colouring works perfectly within the urban turmoil. Flashy seems to be the way to go.


To use the gadget, simply attach the holder to the stem. The device is suitable for all stems and is kept in place by two rubber bands. With a little effort, the phone can quickly be clicked into the solid frame and sits secure in the mounting. Punch in the destination and you are ready to go. The TwoWheelCool Dash is the perfect navigation aid. All buttons are easily accessible and work without any problems through the silicon cover. Moreover, everything is within comfortable view and when put on the highest possible volume, the charming sat nav lady gives clear and perfectly audible instructions.



The Dash holder is an indispensible gadget for all urban cyclists. This little helper makes reaching for the phone in your pocket to find the way a story of the past. It is a suitable companion for all stems and keeps the phone safe throughout the trip. The only downside is, that the current model is only compatible with the iPhone 5.


Product highlights

  • securely attached to the handlebar
  • fits every stem
  • only suitable for iPhone 5

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