Sidi Genius 5 Fit Carbon Vernice: stylish and for women

Sidi Genius 5 Fit Carbon Vernice: stylish and for women


Test: Sidi is one of the most renown, venerable brands in the world of cycling. It all began in 1960 when Dino Signori, founder of Sidi, developed his first set of mountaineering boots. Since 1970, however, his passion has been the two-wheeler. 50 years on, the company can be proud of its unique sports shoe dynasty.

I had the great pleasure of subjecting the Sidi Genius 5 Fit Carbon Venice to a long-term endurance test and can wholeheartedly say, that it has quite literally weathered the storm. Even after daily usage, including training sessions and competitions, it has proven and maintained its outstanding quality over and above expectation.


Features and Practice

The premium-quality Millenium 4-sole is doubtlessly the first feature that catches the eye. Integrated into the nylon sole are first-class carbon fibres, which guarantee the needed stability and ensure a great fit. They also enable a seamless transmission of power through the shoe. The top material is crafted from microfibre and mesh, which makes this a low-maintenance product that can be easily cleaned even after the worst of rides. Moreover, the extra support in the heel ensures an optimal, stable position of the foot securely rooted in the shoe.


The Sidi-typical Velcro fastener has additional plastic hooks in the foremost and middle strap, allowing for outstanding surety and stability. The topmost strap features a ratchet buckle, which tightens the foot to the shoe and permits adjusting even during cycling. This is an essential feature, particularly during hot days where feet can hurt and swell. The sole is compatible with all known racing bike pedal systems.



Considering that the Sidi Genius 5 Fit Carbon Vernice women’s racing shoe was designed to be a mid-market product, its quality is breath taking. It is good to know, however, that the shoe is not true to size so it may be advisable to purchase a larger size. Also, the colour combinations are seasonal and limited, so your favourite pair may well sell out quickly.

Product Highlights

  • Firm sole ensures good power transmission
  • Great fit, despite them being smaller than stated

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