Scott Solace 10: For comfort lovers

Scott Solace 10: For comfort lovers

scott solace 10 1 Test: Comfort is currently one of the manufacturers’ main focuses. Scott, also, has dedicated its time and energy to produce a more comfortable bike. The result is the Solace 10, which will doubtlessly intimidate the stiff competition. According to the Swiss company, the Solace 10 achieves the perfect balance of comfort and performance on the road, thanks to the HMF carbon frame, which features not only a Comfort Zone, but also a Power Zone. How those two innovations work together and what they can accomplish was for us to find out.

Features and Practice

The Solace 10 offers amazing equipment. Apart from the back brake, the bike features an entire Shimano Dura-Ace. The crankset is classically staggered and the cassette is appropriately broad, ranging from 11 to 28 teeth. Thereby, Scott manages to cover a very comprehensive field of application, so lovers of long distance rides can be excited at the prospect of going full out on flat tracks.

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Handlebar, stem and seatpost are Synchros-made. The same is true for the RP2.0 wheelset, which features 18 spokes at the front and 24 at the back wheel. Particularly beautiful is the solution for the cables. Those are hidden inside the frame. The shift cables use the same outlet on the head tube as the other cables, making for the smallest possible visual interruption on the frame.

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With not quite 7kg, the Solace 10 is comparatively light. Its top tube is relatively short with only 545mm at a size 54. Combined with the 165mm long head tube, the bike achieves a very up-right riding position. Critics could wish for a slightly more athletic appearance. Nevertheless, the riding position adds to the bike’s general comfort, which, after all, was one of Scott’s main aims when developing this frame.

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The support tubes are fixed very low onto the frame, which, in addition to the 405mm long chainstays, ensures a surprising level of cushioning. This is further increased by the clever positioning of the back brake, which is mounted behind the bottom bracket and so allows for more flexibility in the stays. Furthermore, the negative dropouts on the forks absorb bumps in a way that is highly unusual for typical road bikes.

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Solace 10’s bottom bracket area is broad and bulgy. This makes for a very rigid bike and guarantees a strong transmission of power, although the strength of the pedal does not match the likes of Foil.

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The Scott Solace 10 is definitely one of the most comfortable racing bikes we had the pleasure to test so far. Bumps and road unevenness are laughed at and brushed off easily. For anyone wishing to complete long distances, this bike is the perfect choice. However, riders hoping for energetic pushes and fast corners might be better off with a different product.

Product highlights

  • Great fixtures
  • Outstanding comfort

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