Rapha Deep Winter Gloves: Brave winter – in style

Rapha Deep Winter Gloves: Brave winter – in style


Review: Rapha is a brand that has always been polarizing. There are those who love the simplistic, elegant und functional products, others, however, take them for boring, overly pricy fashion accessories. These outlooks will most likely not change with the Deep Winter Gloves – what our review does show though, is that these gloves are not necessarily only interesting for the Rapha enthusiasts out there.

Something stands crystal clear right from the start of our test: When it comes to the finish and quality, there’s not much out there that can compete with Rapha. Flawless seams, high quality materials and an extraordinary look and feel. The outer material is firm but still flexible and the back features a simple reflective Rapha logo and another small reflective strip. The velcro strap ensures that the gloves stay where they should and keep the warmth inside. On both thumbs you will find a soft, absorbent material to wipe away the sweat effectively.


The palms of the Rapha Deep Winter Gloves can be described best as simple, but still elegant. Black Pittards-leather over soft, thin shock absorbing materials ensures a tight and secure grip on your handlebars. The tip of the middle and index finger are made to work on smartphone touchscreens.


The really positive impression we had of the gloves so far confirmed when we put them on: They fit snugly, sportive but still comfortable. You can easily wear them on and off your bike. Something that we especially liked was the inner glove that doesn’t move freely inside the glove itself but is firmly attached to it. This issue often causes problems with gloves similar to the Deep Winter Gloves – Rapha solved the problem just perfectly. In between these both gloves there’s a thin layer of warm Primaloft Material, on the outer side, Rapha chooses their own OutDry membrane which will keep out rain and wind at all times. When we took the gloves for a ride, the conditions outside worsened suddenly: Just after we sat on our saddle, an icy wind started springing up and driving rain made it really uncomfortable on the bike. The gloves however performed superbly: The feel on the handlebars is really good despite the wet conditions and the cold raindrops don’t stand a chance against the waterproof material of the gloves. Our hands stay dry and warm during the whole 30 minutes of battling against these conditions. Only on the tips of our fingers, chilliness started creeping in through the gloves slowly. If the ride was longer or the conditions even worse, even the Deep Winter Gloves might get into trouble.


At one glance – the Rapha Deep Winter Gloves

  • Waterproof
  • Very warm
  • Comfortable, sportive fit
  • Website

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