POC announce partnership with Team Stölting

POC announce partnership with Team Stölting


Cycling: Today, the Swedish clothing and helmet experts at POC announced their new partnership with the German UCI Continental Team Team Stölting. The riders will wear the brandnew POC AVIP kit during their races.

While the team will hopefully not encounter any traffic during their races, they will nevertheless wear the full AVIP kit while on the bike – AVIP stands for Attention, Visibility, Interaction and Protection and the kit is designed specifically to make riding on the street safer. “We are extremely proud to have the team riding in the full POC AVIP kit, supporting our mission of doing the best we can to possibly save lives and to reduce the consequences of accidents […],” says Sports Marketing Manager Sara Laurell about the new partnership. Moreover, the team will help POC during the development process of the products with their race-proven experience.


Among the 15 riders of Team Stölting are some hopeful talents like U23 Junior Timetrial World Champion Lennard Kämna or other champions like Silvio Herklotz and Ole Quast. Of course, the team and its bosses are also pretty happy about the new partnership: “We’re thrilled to work with such a great partner as POC to be able to develop and improve products together and to help our riders perform at their best,” says Jochen Hahn, CEO of Stölting Ruhr-Profi Radteam. Laurell certainly agrees with him: “We are looking forward to support them with the most optimal equipment in their quest to win.”

One thing is for sure though: No matter how chaotic the race or how tightly packed the peloton – you will always recognize the riders from Team Stölting in their neon-kit.


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