Paul Smith 531: Designer clothing with a heart for cyclists

Paul Smith 531: Designer clothing with a heart for cyclists


Sector: Renowned fashion designer Sir Paul Smith recently unveiled his first collection of cycling wear: Paul Smith 531. The number 531 might ring a bell for some cycling fans, but nevertheless some information for all the others: The number 531 refers to the iconic Reynolds tubing 531 which was used to build winner-bikes at the Tour de France or other races.

The fact that Sir Paul Smith devoted himself to cycling with this new line of clothing is far from coincidental. The 68 year old has been a cycling fan since his childhood. The old road bike he got from his father for his 11th birthday was the spark that ignited the passion for cycling which is still very much alive today. During his youth, he participated in several races and devoted most of his free-time to the sport. However, a severe crash destroyed all the hopes this young man had of becoming a professional cyclist. The three months he spent in hospital following this crash led him on the path that finally made him the renowned fashion designer he is today.


During the whole process of designing the 531 line, everyone involved had 4 basic principles in mind:

  1. On and off the bike performance: The clothes are made to perform on the bike during trainings as well as off the bike, whatever it is you do. Design, cut, materials – everything was carefully thought of and chosen to perform equally well in those two different fields of use.
  2. Weatherproof protection: All 531 products are design to keep the cyclist warm and dry, no matter what the weather conditions are like.
  3. Thermoregulation: The materials have been chosen carefully to permit an effective temperature management. Breathable, but still weatherproof, merino wool to keep the wearer warm and vents in the right places to establish some air flow.
  4. High visibility: Reflective or brightly colored applications and materials help to make the rider stick out – in the dark, in the rain, on country roads and inner city traffic.


The 531 offers shorts, hoodies, tights, vests and jackets. Every single piece of clothing embodies the kind of sporty elegance that is fundamental to the line. Countless details leave no doubt that these clothes were designed by someone who knows exactly what cyclists want and need. Let’s take a closer look at the Merino Hoodie for example. It comes in a combination of merino wool, windstopping materials on chest and shoulders and mesh layers to improve the airflow. The hood itself is cut in a way that it will neatly fit under a helmet and keep your head warm at the same time. Reflective applications on the chest and back offer better visibility.

Of course, clothes like this always come with a price. The hoodie we just mentioned will cost you 320€ (or £250) and the top model weatherproof cycling jacket of the line will even come at 705€ (or £550.00). You can find more details on the Paul Smith 531 line on the official site:

We also don’t want you to miss out on the really nice short clip presenting the clothing line:

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