O-Synce Urban High X: Little All-Rounder

O-Synce Urban High X: Little All-Rounder

osynce1 Test: The young German sports electronics company O-Synce from Weinheim is quite literally attaching itself to the handlebars of German cyclists. Its latest product series, Urban, focuses on the different functions of bike computers. To be the perfect workout buddy and coach, the little device has been equipped with many useful functions, especially in the areas of heart rate, speed and performance monitoring. Furthermore, the Urban High X is compatible with ANT+ performance analysers and so it has positioned itself to be the new main competitor in the market around the usual Garmin and Polar products. The little device’s newly invented holder and its mode of operating are particularly innovative. Thanks to the moveable simple2control 3-button operating unit, which is connected to the actual computer element via a cable, the rider can choose where to install the gadget on the handlebar. Having grown accustomed to the new addition, it quickly becomes second nature – and indispensible – to have access to all session data at one glance. Yet, the computer cannot be recommended to cyclists who value appearance and freedom on the handlebar. The Urban takes up quite a bit of space, as it does not just require room for the computer itself, but also for the control unit.

osynce2O-Synce took particular care with the holder. All Urban-products are delivered with a choice of two different mounts. Anyone who would like to install the gadget centrally on the stem can use the supplied two-arm mount to fix the gadget to the stem clamp. For everyone else, O-Synce has added a classic back plate, so that the computer can be fastened on the left or right hand side of the handlebar. The Urban High X has proven to be an ideal companion for workout monitoring and control. All measurements, including speed, distance, cadence, heart rate, time, temperature, height and performance, are saved to the computer in 2-second intervals. The trainingLap software allows for a precise track profile, which is then analysed using the collected session data.



Given the great variety of features, the Urban High X has to be taken seriously by its well-known competition. The very plain design, however, might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

Product highlights

  • Two holders included
  • Guarantees ideal session monitoring
  • Clearly legible display

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