Mountain bike Festival Tegernseer Tal: Success for Haibike

Mountain bike Festival Tegernseer Tal: Success for Haibike


E-Performance: Races make the world go ‘round, particularly when it’s about fun with your friends. The Mountain bike Festival Tegernseer Tal now also gave cyclists the chance to compete on e-bikes. Luckily, participants and spectators got to enjoy this event in beautiful cycling-weather. Naturally, Lower Franconia’s Haibike did not want to miss the 11th SportScheck mountain bike festival and made its way to the Tegernseer Tal to join the action. As sponsor of the Mtb tracks, the uphill contest and the e-bike race, the firm facilitated a broad mix of physical activity. Particularly exciting was the positive reception of and numerous participation in the festival’s first ever e-bike race, which had to be cancelled in the previous year due to bad flooding. Haibike’s own riders dominated the field and achieved places 1-6 of the overall standings. The festival saw a total of 2,500 participants for its main and side events, 32 of which competed on e-bikes.


Haibike can look back on a successful event, particularly as the strong participation in the e-bike events is proof of this growing branch of the industry. “Our aim is to broaden the appeal of the classic bike and further establish this area (e-bikes) at events and competitions”, explains Winora Group’s CEO Susanne Puello, who herself participated in the e-bike race following the main contest. The Tegernseer Tal doubtlessly made for an impressive start to this mission.

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