Mavic Crossmax Enduro: Yellow, Yellower, Mavic

Mavic Crossmax Enduro: Yellow, Yellower, Mavic


Test: Choosing the right wheelset is a tricky business. Oftentimes, only extreme situations expose the real capabilities of the wheel, where they can demonstrate their strength and resilience. All manner of forces have to be absorbed through the wheelset and those impacts are diverse, leading to potential radial and axial runouts, tears in the spokes and even dents in the flange. Since 1889, Mavic has been developing state-of-the-art wheelsets, which have given the company a vast set of repertoire and know-how. From road racing to MTB: Mavic offers suitable wheelsets for all terrains, applications and price ranges.


As suggested by the name, the Mavic Crossmax Enduro is aimed at the increasingly popular Enduro discipline. Here, the bikes have to endure forces beyond good and evil and still have to maintain excellent movement whilst being as light as possible. We took the Crossmax Enduro to task.

The Crossmax Enduro is the first ever wheelset system for mountain bikes, which is why Mavic had to not only develop an Enduro specific wheelset, but also saw the need to design purpose-fit tyres.

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The Mavic-typical yellow is particularly striking. The rims, as well as the hub, are immediate eye-catchers and will enhance the look of any bike. Slightly atypical for an MTB wheelset is the number of spokes. The front wheel counts 24, whereas the back wheel has a meagre 20 spokes in place. Just as with aero-wheelsets, these are flat and are being held in the rim by the well-known Fore-system.


The spokes in the front are double-crossed, whereas their counterparts in the back are assembled in a radial manner on the right hand side, but are double-crossed on the left. This aims to ensure a direct transmission of power and achieves a higher rigidity. Yet, the rims appear slightly slim. Where the front rim measures 21mm, the back rim spans a tiny 19mm, which makes it seem rather diminutive in comparison with other products. These narrow dimensions reduce the total weight of the wheelset to merely 1660gr.

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Accessories and Practice

Mavic offers a long list of additional equipment for its wheelset, including a spoke wrench, axle adapter for the front and back wheel, brake disc screws, tubeless valves and a quick release. The wheels are easily mounted, thanks to the included adapters. Unsurprisingly, they are stunning to look at! With such few spokes, doubts about the wheelsets’ rigidity spring to mind, but they are quickly abandoned.

The first few descents slowly sought to test the limits, whereby it quickly became clear that there are no noticeable negative differences to other comparable products. In fact: the wheelset is quiet, stable and gives reliable feedback from the ground. Due to the Isopulse-rim joint, the power transmission performs exceptionally, which makes this wheelset an extremely powerful sprinter.


To put the Crossmax Enduro through its paces, we chose the bike park Ochsenkopf, which offered the perfect conditions to test the wheelset’s durability. The upper part of the track consists nearly exclusively of stone fields, which very quickly turns the trial into a battle of materials. The Crossmax Enduro and its tyres performed outstandingly here.


Even after such a tough test the wheels showed no exhaustion whatsoever and the rims remained straight and without any loss of spoke tension. As mentioned before, Mavic developed both a new front and back wheel. The Charge, which is used at the front, has a much more aggressive and rugged profile than the Roam XL at the back. It offers phenomenal grip in all conditions, whilst remaining stable and comfortable. The wheel’s construction is excellent and protects reliably from breakdowns, thanks to the Dual Ply-construction.


The Roam XL on the other hand is one for pros. The flat profile rolls smoothly, which is particularly noticeable on the uphill. The All Round-compound delivers great traction and keeps the tyre fresh even after months of use. Sadly, there are slight deficits in terms of grip and brake power. It tends to lose traction during the braking and as a result simply slides across the surface. The grip levels also need some getting used to. The tyre, which was developed in cooperation with Anne-Caroline Chausson and Jerome Clementz, is solely built for speed, which can be at the expense of control in bends.


It has to be noted that during our long arduous testing phase we only experienced one blowout in the front, which came about because of a sharp stone in the tread of the tyre. Luckily, it was fixed in no time. The back rim, however, was a different story. Seven dents bore witness to the tough three months we put it through. Remarkably, there was not a single flat tyre due to intense impact.



The weight of 3640gr makes the Mavic Crossmax Enduro-system rather average. Yet, the general driving impression and endurance are paramount. That said, the wheelset is not one of the Enduro World Series’ favourites without reason and convinces with great balance and amazing stability. The entire package, including the tyres, is race oriented, but that does not mean that fun-loving Enduro cyclists won’t enjoy the system. The set is not cheap though and will set you back by an impressive €800.

Product highlights

  • great eye-catcher on any bike
  • amazing range of accessories
  • outstanding stability
  • durable profile
  • race oriented system

Price snd Web

  • 800 Euro

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