Jens Voigt: New Ambassador of Awesome at Trek

Jens Voigt: New Ambassador of Awesome at Trek

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Sector: Trek has just released a statement to announce the appointment of recently retired rider Jens Voigt as their new Ambassador of Awesome. The reasons for the German’s new position at Trek include among others Voigt’s inability to cope with the requirements of retirement.

Voigt will host some of the luxury cycling trips at Trek Travel, he will work in product testing and in general, he’ll simply be responsible for increasing motivation and productivity within the team. Besides being the new Ambassador of Awesome, Voigt was also appointed VP of the new Geocaching department at the Trek HQ in Waterloo, IL. He has worked this position before and started caching the most important work supplies such as pens, spare laptop power cords or paper clips to improve the workflow and increase productivity. As interim VP, his goal is to complete this essential task.

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