Jan Ullrich: One week away with the Champs in Colorado

Jan Ullrich: One week away with the Champs in Colorado


So I’ve spent the past 7 days in Colorado together with Away with the Champs, guiding a camp through the rocky countryside of this beautiful place. I invite you to relive some of the highlights of this past week as I take a look back.


After having spent hours and hours on the plane, I arrived in Grand Junction just in time for the astonishing sunset. We were happy to see that our bikes made it to Colorado safe and sound, stored in their B&W International cases. The first day of the trip was a blast already. Despite the blazing sun, we enjoyed the climb up to the Colorado National Monument and the breathtaking view we had from up there. I was impressed by my manager Ole who kept up quite well after having suffered a really bad injury not too long ago.


On the second day, we met up with some guys from Argentina and Switzerland and continued our trip. After about 25 miles of trailriding on Mountainbikes we switched back to our Storck Aernarios and enjoyed another beautiful ride that finished with a descent of about 25 miles down to Moab, where we stayed for the night.


Day three started with an extremely exhausting climb in the morning to Dead Horse Point. The sun was burning down on the black asphalt and it reminded me of the heat during the Tour 2003. The afternoon went over quickly though and I rewarded myself in the evening with a new cowboy hat and a swim in the pool.


The fourth day of our little tour went over in the blink of an eye. We were all starting to become accustomed to the Colorado sun and even found some time and energy in the evening to sit together at a nice BBQ.


Day five was probably my favorite day of my week in the states. We took part in the Mountains to the Desert ride, which is a charity race of the Just for Kids foundation. Riding through astonishing landscapes feels even better when you know you’re helping people who are less fortunate.




Overall, I have to say, the trip was a huge success. Everything went over smoothly, the rides were as fun as the views were beautiful. So in the end, we put our Storck Aernarios bikes back into our B&W International cases and prepared for another long flight back home.



I will surely be back in Colorado next year. Maybe some of you want to join me.

See you soon and take care


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