Introducing Wilier Triestina – Southeast at the Giro d’Italia

Introducing Wilier Triestina – Southeast at the Giro d’Italia

News: It was recently announced that Wilier Triestina will be assuming the title sponsorship of the Professional Continental team Southeast – Venezuela. Heading into the Giro d’Italia this week, the team will be known as Wilier Triestina – Southeast.


Importantly for the identity of the newly-named team, its jersey will also change colours, from grey and yellow to red and yellow. The famous amaranth red jersey of Italian bike manufacturer first came onto the professional cycling scene in 1946. The red colour was chosen specifically for its visibility within the peloton, and carried the acronym WILIER, standing for “W Italia Libera E Rendenta”, meaning “long live Italy, librated and redeemed.” This came at a time when World War II had just come to an end. The whole of Italy had been ravaged by the long-standing war, with its roads still in disrepair and remaining unpaved for the initial post-war cycling races. The first major and highly symbolic success for Wilier came in 1948, when Fiorenzo Magni won the Giro d’Italia.


Although the world of cycling has dramatically changed since then, Wilier’s passion and commitment to “Il Grande Ciclisomo” remains unwavering. It has gone on to sponsor teams such as Gerolsteiner, Cofidis, Lampre, and United Healthcare, and with this year’s Giro, Wilier once again reaffirms its commitment as a sponsor.

The new Wilier Triestina – Southeast team kit

The newly designed red and fluorescent yellow jersey will be worn for the first time by the team’s star rider, Filippo Pozzato, as well as sprinter Jakub Mareczko during the 99th Giro d’Italia, which kicks off in the Netherlands this week. Filippo Pozzato is also rumoured to be riding on a new red and white coloured road bike. The company summed up the significance of the legacy of the Wilier brand to the team, commenting in its press release that at this week’s Giro, “the team […] now turns red. As Wilier’s corporate colour, the red jersey will represent all the history that the company brings to the peloton.”

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