Haibike Xduro Nduro Pro: Flat-out over the trails

Haibike Xduro Nduro Pro: Flat-out over the trails


E-Mobility is the latest trend. The number of e-bikes on the roads is increasing and they revolutionise city traffic dramatically. That this concept also enjoys growing popularity in the Mountain bike scene can be seen in the huge number of e-mountain bikes that have become available in the market. Even the Enduro One-series considers e-bikes in its events and has given them their own racing category.

As a founding member of this movement, Haibike has worked on the concept of the e-bike since the start. They have now created the holy grail of e-mountain biking – the Xduro Nduro Pro.


Features and Practice

The Xduro Nduro Pro is a serious eye-catcher. Never before has there been such an impressive e-mtb. A solid tube set, massive spring deflexion, gaudy yet beautiful design and the powerful Bosch-mid-engine characterise this bike and doubtlessly make it second to none. But not just the appearance fulfils every cyclist’s wishes. The fixtures, too, leave nothing to be desired. The Fox 36 Talas RC2 FIT– suspension fork in combination with the Fox Float CTD-shock, which is hinged to the frame using the Haibikes Sprocket Equalizing System, a patented four-joint system, facilitate an enormous 180mm spring travel.


Scram’s XX1 and the Mavic Crossmax Enduro-wheelset complete the picture. To ensure perfect control over the weight of 22.2kg, Haibike installed Avid’s XO Trail-brakes with 200 and 180mm discs. The Bosch mid-engine has 250watt power, which is drawn from the 400-watt-hour lithium-ion battery. This system supports the rider up to a speed of 30km/h.

The first impression of the bike is very positive. The high weight is barely noticeable on flat surfaces as the engine supports the rider with four possible modes. However, slight worries about the bike’s long-term performance remain and not long after the first downhill its weaknesses are exposed. The Xduro Nduro Pro has limited agility due to its high weight and so it needs to be pushed very quickly. Sharp corners and narrow trails are therefore not exactly its speciality.

Nevertheless, the general geometry and the position of the mid-engine lead to a low centre of gravity, which gives this bike great stability particularly at high speeds. The frame allows for a wide range of personal adjustments and is therefore adaptable for individual needs, whereby the range of the spring is fully used without buckling. Furthermore, the frame and the Mavic wheelset create maximum traction, which is obviously increased by higher speeds – so feel free to race!

To accelerate in the Speed-mode is fun, but it also brings forth some disappointments. As with all e-bikes, the Xduro Nduro Pro’s battery life is rather limited. The bike’s range dwindles quickly from 25km to 0, particularly when using the strongest engine mode. The range increases when choosing a lower speed level, but who wants to go at half the possible speed? A little more power would make this bike even better than it already is.



The Haibike Xduro Nduro Pro is a toy for big kids. The though-through geometry paired with the bike’s premium fixtures and powerful mid-engine make for great fun on fast trails. The bike literally tempts the rider to step on it and race.

Product highlights

  • High-quality fixtures
  • Amazingly smooth running
  • Powerful engine

Web and Price

  • www.haibike.de
  • 6.499,00 Euro

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