Bottleholder Tacx Deva: Equipped like Tour-Champion Nibali

Bottleholder Tacx Deva: Equipped like Tour-Champion Nibali


Test: How often do you get the chance to have the exact same accessory on your bike as Tour de France winner Vincenzo Nibali? And now imagine being able to get that accessory for only 15.95 Euro! ‘Impossible’ you say – possible with the new Deva bottle holder by Tacx. Astana and six other teams were equipped with this product, which is not surprising given that it comes in seven possible colours – it’s like they were made for professional teams. During the development of this new bottle holder, Tacx focussed particularly on the product’s clamping force and its comfortable usability. The company conducted thorough studies to show where the clamping force had to be strongest and the results showed that a cylindrical shape was much more suitable and effective than the otherwise usual conic shape. This massively reduces the risk of the bottle sliding upwards inside its holder. When combining the holder with Tacx’s Shiva or Shanti bottles, the highest possible grip is achieved even when riding on uneven surfaces. Thanks to the design, the bottle glides easily and quickly into the holder. The new Velomotion “Suffer you sod!”-bottle is from the Shiva series and is available in different colours to match the Deva holder.


As typical for Tacx products, the Deva, too, is produced solely in the Netherlands. The simultaneous two-component injection production method achieves a rigid, yet flexible construction. The robust, black inner frame consists of polyamide enriched with 40% carbon to ensure the highest possible durability. The outer frame is a polyamide mix with a 30% carbon ratio, which allows for slightly more flexibility. The high carbon ratio leads to a total weight of only 29gr. Yet, some might consider this weight to be too much and so Tacx offers a 100% carbon version of the Deva, which weighs in at barely 21gr. This version will set you back 59.95 Euro, however.

Le Tour de France 2014 - Stage Twenty One

The Deva positively proved that it performs well even under extreme conditions, such as during the Pavé sections of the Tour where Nibali laid the foundations for his later victory of the Tour de France.

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