Edco Albula : The Ferrari in the rain

Edco Albula : The Ferrari in the rain


Test: Every athlete knows the problem – brakes just don’t work the way they should in the rain. In 2011, Swiss based Edco developed the first ever full-carbon wheelset with ceramic braking surfaces in order to guarantee optimal brake force in wet conditions.

We put the Albula to a thorough test.


Configuration and Practice

Thanks to the MultiSys freehub body, the wheelset is compatible with Campa, Shimano and Sram cassettes. Depending on whether a ten or eleven gear cassette is installed, one of the two included spacers can be used and assembled as per the instructions. The included Edco end caps have to be fitted with a Campa extractor, even if it is a Shimano cassette.

The weight of 1595g for the set means the Albula is not the lightest clincher out there. However, the 38mm high rim in combination with the 716g front wheel and 879g back wheel achieves great movement in all situations. Be it up-/downhill or during sprints – the Edco wheels remain stable.



Particularly impressive are the braking characteristics in the rain. The capacities of the ceramic braking surfaces are most notable during competitions, where the braking happens immediately and accurately. However, the braking surfaces are slightly noisy during dry conditions and are accompanied by a light shudder, but remain easily manageable.



At a price of 1,825 Euros, the wheelset is not the most price-competitive. Yet, for anyone wishing to cycle in virtually all conditions or looking for a new multi-use competition set, the Edco has proven to be an outstanding option.


  • Ceramic braking surfaces
  • Great all-rounder
  • Perfect partner in the rain

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