Dakine Granville 18L: Tough and organized

Dakine Granville 18L: Tough and organized

dakine4Review: The time when messenger bags were exclusive for all the bike messengers out there are long over. Every day you see people on their way to the office, to work, to school or university using those comfy bags. Today, we take a look at one of the more sporty bags: The Daking Granville 18L

Look & Feel

The Dakine Granville is made out of a sturdy material that’s similar to the one you know from truck-tarp or similar fields of use. The whole bag feels pretty tough in our hands and there’s really not a lot out there that might be able to do any damage to the thick outer layer. Another huge advantage of this material is its excellent weatherproofness: Even if it’s raining cats and dogs, the water will stay outside of the bag. The seams on the inside and outside of the bag are flawless, there are no loose threads or other issues, the bag feels just very well made.  The two zippers on the inside however seem a little bit undersized – don’t get me wrong, they work perfectly well, but in comparison to the really tough feel of the bag they just look out of place. On the other hand, the Velcro on the padded notebook sleeve is pretty strong and keeps safe whatever it is in there.


So far, the bag has made an excellent impression, we’re a bit conflicted when it comes to the straps though. While the green buckles are really strong and seem pretty much indestructable, the straps themselves are just a bit too thin for our taste. They’re made of regular nylon, which works great, but we would have loved to see something a bit more sturdy to fit the rest of the bag. Another thing that we noticed during our review was that the straps can be easily adjusted in their length, but they sometimes do that by themselves, even if you don’t want to. They stay where they should while you wear the bag, but as soon as you put it down and grab it by the buckles, the straps will become loose. Not a huge issue, but it can be really annoying nevertheless.



Enough of looking at the bag, let’s finally put it to the test. We pack the Granville with:

  • A laptop 15″
  • A lunch box
  • A notebook
  • Two pens
  • A full 1l waterbottle


This should pretty much be what most of the people who use a bag like this will want to pack in there. So, how do they fit in the Granville and can we organize them at least a little bit? With one (well, two) words: Yes, absolutely. There’s more than enough space in the bag to easily fit everything in there and it also offers just the right amount of compartments to keep everything organized but not losing sight of what’s in there.


Something we loved when packing the Granville was the organizer pocket in the front. It offers several compartments for small things like pens, briefcase, you iPod etc. There’s even one bigger pocket you can zip so what ever is in there can’t fall out. The main compartment of the Granville has two pockets: Besides the regular compartment, there’s also a thickly padded sleeve to securely store your laptop (up to 15″) which can be closed via Velcro. Additionally, there’s another thin compartment on the inside with a zipper that will easily hold your documents or a small folder. All in all, we were pretty stoked on what the Dakine Granville has to offer on the inside.


So, the Granville has performed pretty well so far, but the real test is yet to come: How will it withstand a tough day on the bike? When you first put on the bag, you should really take your time to properly adjust the straps and securly fit it to your body. There’s a waist belt that will attach to two different buckles on the bag that’s just awesome when you use the bag on your bike, because it can’t slide off your shoulder anymore. However, if you don’t need the waist belt, you can take it off alltogether.


Once the straps are adjusted, the Granville feels pretty good on your bag, even while pedalling away on your bike. It will still slide a bit from side to side, the fit will always be a bit more loose, or casual if you will. It looks nice, but for those out there who are looking for a bag to wear on longer daily rides, the Granville might not be the perfect bag. Nevertheless: For most people just looking for a nice-looking, tough, allrounder – it’s perfect.

At one glance – the Dakine Granville 18L

  • 18L volume
  • Tough, waterproof material
  • Straps become loose easily
  • Website

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