CUCU Barcelona: The spirit of cycling

CUCU Barcelona: The spirit of cycling


Sector / Lifestyle: The new fashion label CUCU Barcelona aims to bring together style and function in their jerseys, shirts, shorts and socks. What really sets them apart though is the ability to captivate the spirit of cycling in their clothes like very few other designers and manufacturers out there.

It’s a thin line between style and function, trend and retro or past and prestent – many designers and manufacturers of cycling clothing have learnt that lesson in the past. The guys from CUCU in Barcelona seem to have no issue walking that thin line though – when you look at their clothes, you can almost feel the spirit of cycling in them, it’s more than just nice looking jerseys, shorts or shirts.


The jerseys carry names that will ring a bell for all of us: Tourmalet, Galibier, Hautacam and so on. It’s a reflection of the designers’ adoration for cycling, for the Tour de France and the whole culture around it. They say, CUCU is the chance to unite the two hearts beating in their chests: Cycling and design. We think, they’re certainly on the right path and we can’t wait to get our hands on some of the clothes and show them to you.


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