Caterham Cycling: Bikes with Formula 1 DNA

Caterham Cycling: Bikes with Formula 1 DNA


During the past months and years, Caterham, known for its sports cars and especially for its Formula 1 team – has used the  know-how gained in that field to craft a line of bikes which will make their first public appearance at the Eurobike 2014 in Friedrichshafen.


Apart from their carbon-frame race bike Duo Cali, which will be available in four different versions, the Brits also constructed their “Fairspear”, whose steel frame is thought to be a homage to their iconic “Super 7” racing car.


Designing Engineer Marc Vischer and his team used Caterham’s vast knowledge in the field of carbon manufacturing to give the frame of the Duo Cali a truly unique design without losing sight of engineering itself. From the dropouts to its headtube, the frame was constructed as a monocoque piece, which has excelled in the testing phase: Extraordinary stiffness is combined with a surprisingly low weight. However, the icing on the cake is Caterham’s own design features on the bike, such as unique stem and the integrated seatpost. catherham3


The Duo Cali will be available in four different versions. While there will only be 73 units of the Limited Edition race bike, the Duo Cali Record and the Duo Cali Chorus are aimed at a much broader range of customers.


The Duo Cali Urban EPS, which will, amongst other things, feature a flatbar with Caterham’s own Campagnolo EPS shifters, completes the Duo Cali lineup. Every single step of the production process, from the construction of the frame to the final assembly is performed in Germany.


Not all too much is known about the steel framed race bike Fairspear yet. The frame with its unique Reynolds 853 Pro Team tubing is astonishingly tough and we are hugely excited to see what the bike will look like in the end.


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