New kids collection from BH bikes for 2015

New kids collection from BH bikes for 2015


Sector: Spanish bike manufacturer BH Bikes has been one of the big players on the market of kids and youth bikes for quite some time. For 2015, they’ve updated their collection which aims to cover ages 2 to 12.

The new collection is divided by the age of the kids and the wheel size of the bikes. However, the height of the kids will also be taken into consideration, as not every kid at every age has the same height. It’s useful and important to distinguish here.


For kids between 2 and 6, bikes with 12, 14 and 16” wheels will be available. For the older ones, BH offers a wider range of different bikes, for example road bikes and mountain bikes. The biggest bikes will be equipped with 24” wheels and will even feature a suspension fork. Apart from the bikes mentioned, there will also be two BMX bikes and an urban bike.


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